Tuesday, April 17, 2018

40K and Conan what a nice mix for a club night.

As the heading suggests games night was all about 40K and the Conan board game.

The new version of 40K seems to have really brought many back to the fold which is rather nice. I still have to give the new rules a run as I can see some nice benefits. But seeing as 4th and 5th editions were my last real foray I am sure that the new rules will seem more, well, New than old 40K this of course is no negative it is just another game that I will have to learn.

Club nights have had a few turn up and thus 2 tables of 40k and 5 of us playing Conan. The kickstarter we missed out on but one lucky club member bought the whole kit and caboodle (main boxed game and a swag of other sets) at a second hand stall for the princely sum of $120.00 Australian, I am sure that this is 50% of what it would cost. We had a go and like what happened in Heroquest all those years ago our rampant adventuring types went off on their own and only came back together as a team in turn 4 of 8 turns. Thus we lost to the gamesmaster. But we don't care as it was a blast. Nice minis too. I bought into the Conan RPG and am looking at a cross over but we will have to wait and see.

Space Wolves vs Necrons,  I still have a soft spot for the Necrons and gee some of the new models are very atmospheric.

When they turn up behind you and you are facing the wrong direction it is down hill from there.

Once upon a time this was asking for a template, alas no templates anymore, this will take some getting used to.

Orks vs Korne Orks lost and it looked like a good game.

Cool ork bomba that was purchased from the UK, love how the Orks still have the most unlikely of machinery of war.

Game about to begin, with Picts and Giant snakes about to leap out and snot us.

Next night is Tuesday the 24th see you all there.

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