Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Too long between post, just a club image round up for June and July

Well it seems I am letting the club down a little on updating our comings and goings. So to prove that we have been busy here are some images of people and their toy soldiers in all sorts of scales, sizes and abilities to fly.............or not.
2 X 40K games in June

Some great buildings that smack of Stalingrad

Not Russians but Space Wolves................

Pop the balloon

Actually caught on fire, hydrogen? old classic

July and 40K

Grey nasties hiding in buildings again

wings of glory WW11

Chaos demons

WWI and your turn to name the game.

A Mordheim campaign begins.

second of three tables

I used my Ghost Archipelago minis as my warband

Some success tonight but not enough heros to gain much in the way of experience and Wyrdstone

I now hope that the Mordheim efforts may lead to Frostgrave shenanigans but if not the GW just might re release this one too.

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