Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well another big CanCon. If you have not been to a game convention please go. There is always so much to see and do. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the miniatures though this is very possible. No me this year though! (got to be a first).

Highlight 1 Sold some stuff at the bring and buy!!!

Highlight 2 Sold some stuff with my son at the bring and buy.

Highlight 3 My son picks up the title of Orc Slayer by beating the orc armies he faces in the Warhammer Fantasy tournament, his first ever. Sadly it seems that Warhammer has become very much hero hammer yet again as tactics seemed to play second fiddle to shiny toys and magic! Regardless with over 100 competitors this is a rather good turn around compared to a few years back when less than 20 played.
Highlight 4 the Saga competition. I came dead last (dead get it) losing every game, my leader died three times and generally I was having a ball. I do really like this game. By the end of the day I was able to die knowing what I was doing wrong and now I feel confident taking the game into the club. What a good day.
Highlight 5   4 games of war of the roses in 28mm using a slightly modified Hail Caesar rules set run by Peter Rossetti and his band of Merry men.  We had treachery, prestige points, and the ability to hold royal titles similar to the old game King Maker which allowed us to field extra units. A swag of players on both side and much merriment as the dice swung back and forth. As a campaign was held with each game having a slight influence on the next you felt really involved all the time. I played a Lancastrian and at the end of my time had died in 3 out of four games in close combat, but we had won 3 out of the four games.
After 6 games in total (I missed the last two games playing Saga) the Yorkists proved to be the overall winners and claimed the crown by winning the final battle and the personal winner with the most prestige was a younger chap called Sean. What a blast and thanks heaps for running it Peter.
Highlight 6 Seeing Barry at the Wings of Glory tables teaching others how to play this fantastic game.
Highlight 7 catching up with Nic from Eureka, Dean from Olympian, Mick from Micks Metal Miniatures and Ian from War and Peace. This was the biggest CanCon I had ever been to and the traders sold well. Congrats to all at the Canberra Games Society for running such a good show.
Highlight 8 Best highlight of all playing WOR with my son.

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