Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why a local games club is good.

Well we set off on our gaming journey for 2013 with a decent gathering of like-minded souls. After the chaos that is CanCon a club night seems so civilized. Don’t get me wrong the gaming conventions are not be missed but for a good night in it is hard to beat a games night with your mates.

Well the 40 K game was rather good 4 marine players vs the Nids around 2500 points which is usually too much for a standard night and tonight it was no exception. Though the game did not really end before a few of the lads had to be picked up it still saw a pretty good victory to the marines. The tyranids did a lot of damage though.

So why Is it good to be part of a club? Well sadly we are about to lose two of our regular gamers. Both were big into 40K and one of them was dabbling with Warhammer Fantasy. Our older friend is off to Canberra for a job and decided to donate a nice selection of 40K buildings to the club which you can see on the table of the 40K game. These will be commonly found gracing our table in the future.
Our younger member leaving is heading into the army, so we wish them the best and a safe future, especially in the defence forces. Well how’s this for a nice offer. Said gamer, has donated all of his fantasy miniatures to club members. A nice small chaos warrior force and some dark elves, just enough to get a few more people up and running with WHF, thanks guys you are most kind. Try getting free armies when playing at home!

Another gaming club highlight was my first outing of Wings of War WWII with a bombing run against a small airfield. Well the game plays really fast, faster than the WWI game but has the same wonderful feel about it. No dice, nice planes, great cards, plays on a smallish table and well just plain fun. If you are a WWII aircraft fan then this might be just up your alley.
Other games, the usual magic the gathering hoard, two role playing games one based on Bushido/Runequest and the other Star Wars.
Bombing mission success

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