Saturday, February 9, 2013


Kings of War

Well I got involved with the Kickstarter and now have the rules, stacks of unpainted miniatures and a strong desire to get some of my celts out to smash some high elves hmmmmmmm? Yep the joys of Kings of War. My sonhas played it a couple of times but I have not as of yet. So this was my first outing.

Great game, no I am not saying this because of any link to the game or the cash I have spent. It really is a great game. I lost (no surprise there) but as the game of 1500 points unfolded the units did what I thought they should, you did not have to take miniatures off the units, it plays fast and furious, magic does not overpower the game, or shooting etc etc. Even big units of knights are not unstoppable. The basing of the celts did not matter too much, they were one miniature too big across but as you play in units and there is meant to be a 1 inch gap between units it all worked rather well.

Small troop sized units evaporate fast unless you get nice flank attacks and the ability to use humans, using any humans was a real bonus. I can see me even thinking about using this for Historical games too, a la Neldoreth and His Hours of Wolves website. Mind you the cancon games of Hail Caesar may put paid to this idea.
Thanks Mantic keep it up!

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