Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Big Game of 40K

One of the pleasures of helping to run a club is that sometimes others take it upon themselves to run bigger games outside of the normal club nights. We have in the past run 40K Apocalypse games of 20000 points or more over a table or two and 6 odd players per side but it can’t be done on a regular club night. Well I had the chance to play in Brendan and Barry’s big game. Brendan thought it would be nice to play at his work as a way of promoting the game and our club. He works at a local sports club that has dining rooms, billiard rooms and large open areas for Bingo, Music and so on. The club thought it a good Idea as we would also be customers for drinks and lunch. Rather than a blow by blow account I’d rather show some images of the day.

3 lads about to begin
Yep another Wargaming Girl

There were two tables, with 4 players per table running 3000 points each. On the good side 3 Space Wolf armies and a Black Templar Army were to compete for the glory of the Emperor. On the Side of Evil, muh hahahaha… (guess which side I was on) there was an allied Tyranid Fallen Angel/Space Marine force on the other table a combined Eldar/Tzeench Chaos Marine and True Fallen Angel/Dark Angel force.

A view from the Black Templar and Space Wolf End of Table 1

Sadly my son realised that plonking your Drop Pod down in from of 3000 points of troops was going to end nastily.

View from my Bastion, pity I could not use the big gun in the game but then I was still on the winning team.

Fallen Terminators make short work of a Predator but lose a couple due to the Dreadnought

The sad contemplation of a plan that fell apart.
Overall it was a great day and I get to play again on Friday night. Thanks for looking.

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