Saturday, November 9, 2013

Small Night at the Club and our upcoming Painting Competition

Well it was a smaller night on Friday but still a decent turn out less MTG players but the miniature gamers held up the numbers. On with the photos.
Big Battle DBA in 20mm with a curious onlooker. I'll attempt to show him the smaller DBA structure at school next week.

The second demo game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles for one of our more feminine members. We always find that when you show a game to someone and you let them win............ well they seem to enjoy the game more. Oh she won!!!

Tzeench Chaos army that was up against another chaos force that I negelected to take a photo of. Oh Chaos won.

Chaos vs Orks not sure who won sorry.


3 way Malifaux game using Rorkes Drift Buildings cool.

A Malifaux crew well on the way to entering our painting competition.

Nids vs Space Wolves, it ended in a draw but only just.
Well as a little further notice to club members we are holding our biennial painting competition on Friday the 13th of December.
Competition Entries will include (one per category per person to spread the prizes)

Single non vehicle miniature
Tank or Vehicle
Unit of 5-10 models


Single Non large Miniature
Monster or Vehicle/Artillery/Siege weapons etc
Unit of 3-20


Any Miniature including diorama, terrain piece or other large miniature or group that does not fit in with the above categories
I would really like to thank all of the sponsors for donating prizes to support us. War and Peace Games, The Combat Company, Eureka Miniatures and Micks Metal Models, there links are on the left to help club members support these companies. So far we have over $500 in prizes so paint away ladies and gentlemen.

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