Sunday, November 24, 2013

Painting tutorial 101

Well our Saturday day and Friday night club meetings have come and gone. I ran a painting tutorial for the kids in the club along with the help from one of our premier painters. Sorry no images of the games being played. Just to busy. The Friday night was interesting in that some of the lads came back for more painting advice, we must have done something right! I also had the chance to run two small introductory games of GWs Lord of the Rings game. I still really like this system as a great skirmish introduction and well the Perry twins miniatures for the game still rank up as some really great figures.

I really must thank. Nic from Eureka Miniatures, Ian from War and Peace games, Russel from The Combat Company and Mick from Mick's Metal Miniatures. their support for our painting competition has been absolutely wonderful and with some of the club money being ploughed back in to support prizes we have over $500 in giveaways for the Friday the 13th Games Night. So club members keep painting you are going to win something  worthwhile. (the links on the side will take you to our supporters websites, so please buy your toys from these people.)

4 prospective winners for the painting competition working hard. We attempted to show basic block painting, dry brushing, shading with inks and washes and even edge highlighting.

Another potential winner.

The lads strolled off but you can make out the minis in the process of having paint applied. Another attempt at dry brushing.
My latest additions, BGFOTR thanks Plastic Soldier Company. An Archer and White Scout Car from Skytreks , and the new 15mm Churchill from PSC that came with the rules for free. Loved this model it was a joy to build and with so many variants in the box it makes an AVRE or with a turret swap a MarkV just great.

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