Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early October at the club

Nice turn out at the club for the Friday night. 20 + again 8 or so with Magic the Gathering 10 playing miniature games and a couple that were just looking in this time. For a small town we do well with numbers at the club.

First off a game of elder vs chaos marines and renegades, elder lost badly this time
Marine vs Imperial Guard Rowan using his trusty Star Wars minis as stand-ins again, we try to be as accommodating as possible so if you turn up with minis and they look like they can match in for something else then no problem. (even if they are not painted……………….)
Barry’s pacific Wings of War, the allies won but it was a lot closer this time.

I helped introduce Saga to one of my son’s friends and he seemed to really enjoy it. The friend ran my Normans my son an Anglo-Saxon army.

 Norman Knights
The Normans were doing some damage when they suddenly found themselves losing a lot of hearth guard knights in one turn. The Saxons forged ahead and it looked like victory was in the bag when the Norman Warlord launched his final gambit at the Saxon warlord and killed him off! Victory to the Norman invaders.. herm, newcomer!
So another night passes and more of us are playing Saga, soon I’ll get it up and running again at school.

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