Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Night at the club

A great turn out last night 10 playing MTG the card game, 11 playing miniatures, 3 looking on, and 4 turn ups that had to go due to sick kids at home or better offers from the girlfriend, you know,

 “Let’s go out for dinner?”

 “But its games night?”

“LET’S GO out for dinner!”

“Ok darling………….mutter mutter grumble…………..”
Any way on with the show

MTG game group 1

MTG game group 2

Getting ready for Malifaux sorting out the cards only to find that the little sister has stolen all of the hearts!!!!!! Now if that is not a good reason to get the actual deck from Wyrd Games. Ramos’ force, run by my son, did a usual trick of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, or maybe he was just outplayed by his opponent.

Big 3 way game of 40K with one onlooker that will take up gaming and as a student at my school he was a bit surprised to see me there. More foolishly he came across to see the Saga game I was in and promptly said “Oh, history and fantasy, yeh I really like games like this.” Ah another convert to the historical side…………..but didn’t he just say fantasy too?……………ah well yes but you know we can forgive him the minor indiscretion………….for now………..don’t want to scare him off.

Wings of Glory WWI Barry and Dallas hard at it with the Huns of Dallas gaining the upper hand in the nights dogfights.

My opponent for the evening, with his erm………….Normans………………well they are mounted knights with sharp pointy things and the foot troops have shooty things. Best part is he owns them and wants a few hints how to paint them now.

 From behind my lines, my dreaded berserkers in the foreground

My opponent facing my left flank.

Around turn 3 of a 6 turn game, the aforementioned left flank has crumbled and the berserkers even with 16 attacks kills only 3 knights but die to a man. From then on it was downhill for me. The scenario requires the defender to keep at least 1 figure in a building at the end of turn 6 and well by the end of turn 4 there was no way I could keep him out of the buildings so we declared it a night about 5 mins before his Dad turned up to pick him up. Victory to the …………..erm…………Normans!

A funny event in the 40K game was the use of a ring in dwarven grudge pony from Fantasy that was being used as part of a group of bikes. Sure enough after being shot at and charged by other bikes it was the only survivor from his side. I put it down to being the only one painted!

DBA was played using 20mm figures on 25mm basing. The first game I did not get a photo of but he second was Romans vs Numidians with the latter as the victors. We discussed the value of polythene plastics and 2 complete armies for DBA set Phil back about $30.00 all up. Not bad in anyone’s books really.

The confusion near the end of the Wings of Glory game, smoke shooting, clouds and planes that barely missed each other’s wing tips.
On a final note we are running a club painting competition on Friday the  13th to get the lads and lasses painting their miniatures. As, like most clubs, we are not for profit the small amount of cash we build up is ploughed back into the club in any way we deem appropriate. We have a reasonable amount of terrain and so prizes for the competition are now in order. So far we have a couple of hundred dollars to give back to members as direct prizes. We do also ask for sponsorship from Australian companies but appreciate the need to support them too. This we feel is a nice way to keep the industry and out hobby going. Once upon a time GW helped out in another club I set up to their great credit but alas this just seems unlikely in 2013, mind you they must get all and sundry asking for prizes. Hmm I bet most Australian game businesses do too!

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