Friday, October 25, 2013

Saturday at the games club

Saturday at the Club and quick thanks

We are rather blessed with the local Church giving permission for us to use the church hall and much of it has to do with keeping the kids off the street. Only a few of the kids are Church goers and most of the adults are not yet I guess that our local church and minister feel the need to be seen as part of the community and well in a way it can be an outreach.  A safe haven to play games that would only be played at home. Over the last few years we have seen two of the ministers come across and join in with some of the games. Our latest game to grab the attention is Wings of Glory the WWI and WWII air combat game. So it is with heartfelt thanks to the Moruya Presbyterian Church that the kids and the kids that never really grew up have a place to play with like-minded individuals.

The usual younger but motley crew turned up for an afternoon of pushing toys or playing cards.

8 or so lads turned up for the usual Magic game, sorry no image they spread themselves out too far for a good group shot.

One of our members tried to introduce Warhammer Fantasy to a female friend that normally plays the card games. Again no pic. You realise that this might give us 3 female miniature gamers if we are not careful I wonder if this is a record.

2 lads played Saga, one using a Brettonian force as ring-ins for the Normans, clever really.

Four of us had a bash at a four way 4pt Saga game, Normans, Vikings X 2, Anglo Danes. The images are dodgy as they are from the phone.


Contemplating the battleboard

Vikings 1 with Nasty berserkers

Normans with lots of Knights

Vikings 2


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