Wednesday, October 23, 2013

new game = a new life for old toys

Well I needed some 15mm Germans based singly for Chain of Command and found some old Battlefront and some newer PSC plastics and the inspiration just flowed. The only issue I have with 15mm for skirmish games is the problem of quick identification in the heat of the moment. So pinching the idea from others I used different coloured tufts or flock per squad or section, if you see the British Platoon below you should see the same sort of thing happening.  I hope you like them.

Command with Pzfaust instead of Pzschreck until I get some.


Squad 1 with Autumn flock

Squad 2 with Lavender tuft

Squad 3 with red flowers

The whole army.
 Note the fausts can be swapped in and out so the units are actually only 10 not 11 strong and I like to put 2 MMg figures on the one base, again just for ease of identification. It may mean that I will have to use some sort of wound counter when I lose one in combat.
Rather than use an army painter styled brown dip on the Grey Uniforms I tried something else. 1st spray with the PSC Field Grey Uniform Colour, base coat flesh, helmet covers, rifles etc. Then mix matt varnish with a spot of black paint. It makes a nifty grey goo that you paint all over. First you scream, "oh my goodness what have I done?" as the goo seems to coat everything and take out all the detail then as it dries it moves into all the creases and gives a nice shading to grey uniforms. Scary but it works. Note these are for use by me and the kids at the club so Pro Painter Style they are not but they are good enough.

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