Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Motivation Starts with New Toys

Well actually the motivation was a set of rules that seems to work for me. As you may have noted from my previous entry the Chain of Command demo has swayed me to give WWII at a skirmish level a run. This may also work well for my students and club comrades.

So around $35.00 Australia later on some Skytreks and Peter Pig 15mm Brits, part of my small booty from the MOAB show, purchased from Micks Metal Models rather than the bring and buy, and off I went.

I try to paint armies rather than artistic works and so finding the Plastic Soldier Company had a spray for British uniforms it was time to give the new 15mm a go. It works for me and nice and fast too. I then base paint all the other colours, rifles, webbing, flesh etc then on with an army painter style dip, a matt varnish and glue to 5cent pieces as bases, sand, paint and tufts and done! In a little over a week, late at night after work, 47 15mm skirmish minis for Chain of Command. I hope you like them, still got to get depth of field sorted on the photos.

Bren Team

HQ + PIAT and 2 inch mortar

Platoon 1

Platoon 2

Platoon 3


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